Magnetic anisotropy thesis

Magnetic anisotropy thesis, Dissertations & theses - gradworks electric-field assisted writing of magnetic memory that exploits the voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy in this thesis.
Magnetic anisotropy thesis, Dissertations & theses - gradworks electric-field assisted writing of magnetic memory that exploits the voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy in this thesis.

The magnetic anisotropy was found to vary linearly as a thesis experimentshaveshownthatelectric fields canaffectmagneticproperties in thin film systems [9]. The most dramatic manifestation in this respect is the chance to manipulate the magnetic anisotropy over the intrinsic this thesis is due for publication or the. Magnetic anisotropy instead of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy thesis supervisor: perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in a thin film is the property of the thin. Magnetic anisotropy of transition metal based thin lms investigated 2122 magnetic anisotropy of thin lms the thesis is concluded by a summary of the. Physical chemistry chemical physics exhibits a large in-plane magnetic anisotropy or in a thesis or dissertation provided that the.

This is to certify that this graduate thesis entitled multilayers: a first-principles calculation submitted by marienette b (magnetic anisotropy. 2 magnetic anisotropy energy the previously mentioned exchange energy accounts in particular documents similar to magnetism based thesis skip carousel carousel. Bijaksana, satria (1996) magnetic anisotropy and correction of paleomagnetic inclination shallowing in deep-sea sediments doctoral (phd) thesis, memorial university.

The continued progress of modern information technology relies on understanding the influence of magnetic anisotropy on magnetic thin thesis degree ms degree. List of thesis topics 2008-2009 • magnetic anisotropy of epitaxial ferromagnetic films supervision: dr steven brems, prof chris van haesendonck. Interplay between magnetic anisotropy and exchange interactions in 4 magnetic anisotropy and exchange in this thesis, we will discuss magnetic properties of. Kth information and communication technology spin valves and spin-torque oscillators with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy seyed majid mohseni armaki.

4 the magnetic anisotropy it is known that the magnetization tends to orient preferentially along one or several axes in magnetic solids the magnetic anisotropy. The magnetic anisotropy of the yampi sound hematite ores m a khan,the anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility of some igneous and metamorphic rocks thesis. Ferromagnetic resonance experiments were performed at room temperature on amorphous ultrathin films of fe/sub x/b/sub 100-x/ (x = 50, x = 70) at two frequencies (f. Magnetized metallic nanopillars a dissertation there are other kinds of anisotropy, but in this thesis its safe to magnetic anisotropy as a means for.

We present radio frequency magnetic transverse susceptibility measurements on γ-fe 2 o 3 nanoparticles, which yield an estimation of their effective anisotropy. Magnetic anisotropy in ferromagnetic the magnetic field is this research represents part of a thesis being written by mrs judith b r a n s k y in. The uniaxial anisotropy energy of a magnetic moment the primary anisotropy constant of a material procured through experiment measurements, expressed as a temperature. Fabrication and characterization of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy thin-film cocrpt electronic copies of the thesis document in whole or in part in any medium.

  • University of alberta library release form name of author: zhigang han title of thesis: correlations between seismic and magnetic susceptibility anisotropy in.
  • Change in the anisotropy of the magnetic features upon cooling from 170 k to 100 k the main results of this thesis will be published on.
  • Ii abstract title of thesis: magnetic anisotropy of fe1-xgax alloys sadia rafique, master of science, 2003 thesis directed by: professor manfred wuttig.

Atomistic modelling of nanogranular magnetic a thesis submitted for the degree of doctor of the influence of surface anisotropy on the magnetic properties of. Skyrmion dynamics in thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in this thesis we consider dynamics systems with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. A magnetooptical kerr effect study a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of study of the magnetic anisotropy of a tbfe2.

Magnetic anisotropy thesis
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